CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — Police in Citrus Heights are turning to social media in an attempt to get drivers to pay attention.

Green means go… red means stop. It’s a fairly simple concept, but drivers are shown on this Citrus Heights Police video blow through stop light after stop light, some crashing violently into cars, others narrowly missing pedestrians and other vehicles.

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They released this video of distracted drivers running red lights on Facebook, with the hope of getting others to drive more safely.

The video is a compilation of two years worth of red light violations. Citrus Heights currently has 10 cameras in eight different intersections.

“It’s egregious every single one of those violations that you see. And the interesting thing that you see about that is it’s not just isolated to Citrus Heights. This is something that happens at several intersections in the region,” said Citrus Heights Lt. Kris Frey. “The response has been overwhelming. And that was the sole purpose for putting that out, to bring awareness to the dangers of running red lights.”

The base fine for a red light violation is $480.


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