By Adrienne Moore

MERCED COUNTY (CBS13) — Richard Sargis and his wife, Christina, will never forget the day their dog Rocco escaped his leash and nearly got lost.

“When he tugged to go after a cat it just got away from us not holding it tight enough,” said Sargis. “When we got back to the house we said we need to tether that to our wrists somehow.”

The solution?

Richard invented the dog safety leash. A device that attaches to the owner’s wrist on one side, and any leash on the other, keeping the owner’s hands-free and the dog safe and sound.

“I’ve always had that inspiration to invent and create,” adds Sargis. “And this was an easy one.”

The device is still awaiting its patent, but it’s definitely ready for its close up.

Sargis says, “These are the ones that actually went out to the GRAMMY swag bags. They’ll be going to the Oscars, too.”

This year marks the leash’s second Oscar bag appearance and its first trip to the GRAMMYs.

And all it took was a call.

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“We were fortunate to have a dog lover that worked in the office when we enquired as to what it even cost to get in,” remembers Sargis. “It was almost a stupid phone call that I just decided to make but I’m glad I did because she was a dog lover and she got us in.”

Richard welcomes the fame – and all the GRAMMY nominees who’ve got his leash in the bag.

“That’s a cool thing. If they’re dog lovers they’ll appreciate it for sure,” he says.

But he’s most proud that he’s found a way to protect his pal Rocco.

“If we’re helping save dogs’ lives and making them be a little more comfortable, being hands-free with this device too then that’s a reward in itself,” says Sargis.

You can learn more about the Safety Dog Leash at

Adrienne Moore