LAS VEGAS (CBS13) — A house like no other is for sale in Las Vegas. The subterranean bunker has everything you could need, without ever going above ground.

Built 26 feet underground, the structure was designed to make you feel right at home with a lawn, pool, and trees. Landscape murals decorate the home with beautiful scenery and a fake sky mimics day and night, complete with constellations.

Swipe through the gallery to check this unique pad out!

The home is just two miles away from the Las Vegas strip and is on the market for $18 million.

The 14,620 square foot concrete & steel doomsday bunker was designed to survive cataclysmic events in comfort.

You can learn more about the listing here.

Comments (18)
  1. Billy Dee says:

    Hmm. An $18 million dollar tomb…..

    1. I was once staying in a paradisiacal setting in tropical mountains with perfect weather, plenty of food, local music, my heart-throb, and a little work to do each day. We would do it again but for one thing. Some liberationists were gunning for me, and had blown the local airplane. For some reason, I could enjoy nothing. The stress felt like pine pitch. Lounging beside a fake cabin under fake lighting, whist everyone outsides was dying or trying to kill me, would not be worth 18 million. (I my case, I got alone for a couple of hours with the Book of Psalms and talked seriously with God, till a deep sense of peace came over me with assurance that wife, children and I would got out alive. I have had no “serious” problems since those days.)

  2. Warrior of GOD says:

    Let’s see how many liberal socialist communist democrats we can fit in there, then seal the exit for good…………..

    1. Beep, beep . . . cement truck backing up to the entrance hole!

  3. Looks great…until, dead zombies clog up the air inlet.

  4. Barry Hirsh says:

    Quick! Somebody call Ocasio-Cortez! She needs to include a guarantee to every American to have one of these. And, of course, the RICH will pay for it!

  5. Charles Alfred Diaz says:

    Comes with a stripper pole. ha!

  6. The only thing that has been for sale more is Melania Trump. This has been for sale numerous times.

    1. Evan Thomas Patten says:

      Michael Robinson was so desperate for affection, he transitioned into the ‘lovely’ and ‘gracious’ Moochelle Obama.

    2. You were MUCH less annoying 15 minutes ago when you were fingering your own anus…….howsabout you go back to doing that…..something productive…..

  7. No mini golf course with that aesthetic already built in?! I’ll pass. (Otherwise I would have surely bit.)

  8. Greg San says:

    You need a bunker in that neighborhood. Come pay $18 mil for a bunker in the hood. All the crystal meth you could possibly need, with dealer conveniently located right next door!

  9. Jack Jackson says:

    For $18 million, they should’ve used a much better artist. That buck looks like something painted by a grade school art student.

  10. Henry Mizer says:

    So how do they power it once SHTF? Unless it comes with a Nuke powered generator, it’s basically worthless for survival.

  11. Susan Smith says:

    Now that everyone knows where it is, it will not be worth a plug nickel as far as safety goes when the SHTF.

  12. A doomsday bunker just 2 miles from Vegas hahahahaha

  13. James Stoffaire says:

    Some Egyptian dude name Tut bought the place.

  14. Raider Eddie says:

    No subterranean bunker would be complete without Mike Girard’s Big Swinging Thing blasting The Fools “It’s A Night For Beautiful Girls” through a monster home entertainment system.

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