By Steve Large

COLFAX (CBS13) — It’s a winter storm warning that has Gary Jones’ family bundled up, and bracing for the cold.

“We stay inside but we will go out and play in the snow,” Jones said.

Their oldest son is Harley.

“I’m four-and-a-half,” Harley Jones said.

Harley Jones was already preparing for a play date with his little brother.

“Do you like snow?,” CBS13’s Steve Large asked? “Yeah, I like snow,” Harley said.

“Do you like rain,” Large said? “Uhhhh no,” Harley said.

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Harley did not like the storm’s rainy arrival Friday, a preview of what’s in store this weekend.

Auburn’s Pete Clark is enjoying it all.

“I’m happy for the rain, any kind of precipitation,” Clark said. “I have this truck, four-wheel drive truck. One reason I have it is so I feel safe in the winters.”

The National Weather Service is warning of treacherous road conditions, even white-out condition in the high country this weekend.

In the valley slick roads made for a messy commute Friday. In Vacaville, the leading edge of the storm started rolling in Friday afternoon.

Shoppers at the Nut Tree took cover with umbrellas.

In Fairfield, grocery store run had people getting to and from their cars quickly.

Another dose of winter weather. Wind, rain and snow.

“So we gotta make sure we have his winter clothes ready to go but yeah, get out there and throw a few snowballs around,” Gary Jones said.

Have fun, and be careful.


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