LINCOLN (CBS13) — Police are looking for three suspects who allegedly stole several thousands of dollars of merchandise from a Lincoln Ulta in under a minute.

At approximately 12 p.m. Tuesday, police say the three suspects entered the Ulta store on Ferrari Ranch Road and grabbed the highest-priced items, Chanel products, and exited the store without paying.

(credit: Lincoln Police Department)

Police said the suspects stole several thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

The suspects were reportedly in and out of the store in less than 40 seconds and they fled in a black vehicle.

(credit: Lincoln Police Department)

If you recognize any of these suspects please call the Lincoln Police Department at (916) 645-4040.

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  1. Lorac Milam says:

    Curious as to why staff or someone did not go after them? From what I understand it is more or less “free pickings” nowadays IF you can make it out the door, most stores will no longer confront thieves. I was told that they simply chalk it up to “loss”.

  2. Lorac Milam says:

    The look of glee on their faces makes me want to vomit. Somebody knows them…

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