By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Strong Ranch Slough at Howe and Fair Oaks was filling up so fast Wednesday, warranting a watchful eye from neighbors.

It’s overflowed before, and years ago flooded dozens of condos across the street.

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But Tuesday night the concern is spread out across town where creeks are already overflowing and causing dangerous road conditions.

A winter soaker in Sacramento County is causing swollen creeks and turning roads into rivers. Impassable for most, but a chance others were willing to take.

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Off Highway 50, dangerous road conditions lead to a car spinning out and slamming into a patrol car.

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In town, high winds knocked down trees and crushing cars. Heavy rain falling just as fast in a short period of time leaving streets and shopping centers swamped.

But with more rain on the way drivers are urged to seek safer ground.

Officials are urging people to take it slow during the evening commute.

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You can check on current flood conditions on the Sacramento County Website.