By Sara Hodges

DAVIS (CBS13) — Not only are they the number one team in the Big West, but UC Davis women’s basketball team is also in search for their ninth straight victory.

Many of those wins are thanks to senior Morgan Bertsch, who did not have a single basketball offer in her senior year of high school until UC Davis gave her a chance.

“We thought this kid really has some potential, we didn’t know she had potential to be the all-time leading scorer or best player at UC Davis,” head coach Jennifer Gross.

A true diamond in the rough since arriving on campus, Bertsch has let her presence be known, passing almost every record in Davis Program History.

“It’s just not something that even thought was possible for me to be at a Division I school playing basketball, let alone all these things I’ve been able to accomplish,” Bertsch said.

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When you look at Bertsch you don’t see the average center. She’s a special talent, crafty in the post, with a mean 15-footer, money from the long range, making her almost impossible to prepare for.

“The efficiency that she’s scoring with and the number of points she’s putting up this year just goes to show you that nobody has a really great plan against her,” Gross said.

Because of that, Bertsch has moved into fifth place on the Big West’s career scoring list, an accolade that takes a lot of hard work and a lot of discipline.

“She prepares like a pro every single day,” Gross said.

Bertsch credits her dedication to her number one fan, a man who has never missed a home game.

“My whole childhood my grandpa was always drilling that into my head. Like if I had a fastbreak layup he would say, ‘You better crossover and use your left hand.’ And then you’d make a left-hand layup in a game, and you’d be like ‘Yeah grandpa!'” Bertsch said.

The Aggies are taking on UC Riverside at 6 p.m. Thursday.


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