WOODLAND (CBS13) -A month after Davis Officer Natalie Corona was ambushed during a crash investigation, Yolo County renamed a bus involved in the shooting in her honor and presented her family with a special video showing her hometown of Arbuckle lining up to mourn her as the funeral procession passed through.

Yolobus 1706 was renamed “In Loving Memory of Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona” and has a picture of her badge displayed inside.

Credit: Yolo County Transportation District Board of Directors

1706 was on Fifth Street as a gunman ambushed Officer Corona the night of January 10th. One bullet hit the bus, coming within two feet of one of the seven passengers on-board. The driver, John Ramirez, quickly steered the bus out of the area. Once in a safe spot, he pulled the bus over and checked with each passenger to assess their physical and mental well-being. Ramirez was named “Driver of the Month” for his bravery.

On Monday night, the Yolo County District Board of Directors gave a commendation to Ramirez saying, “We are very proud of Mr. Ramirez and thank him for his selfless act of looking after his passengers.”

Credit: Yolo County Transportation District Board of Directors

After the commendation, Officer Corona’s mom, sisters, grandmother, and other relatives tearfully watched the video showing the funeral procession. Nearly the entire town of Arbuckle lined the streets to show their support as the motorcade came through town on January 18. The district presented her family with a copy of the video.

Credit: Yolo County Transportation District Board of Directors

Officer Corona was a 22-year-old rookie. She had just graduated from the Sacramento Police Academy in July and completed her field training in December.

Police say gunman Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, 48, rode up to the crash scene on a bicycle and opened fire on Corona without warning. He hit her in the neck and fired more shots as she lay on the ground, reloading at least twice as he fired at passing vehicles. He walked back to his house but had dropped a backpack officers used to identify him and his location. He had a brief standoff with police before killing himself, according to the Davis Police Chief.

Police are still investigating the motive and say Limbaugh did not appear to know Corona or specifically target her. It is also not yet clear if Limbaugh had planned the attack or acted spontaneously, Davis police Lt. Paul Doroshov said.


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