SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Looking to avoid roadkill in the Sacramento area? Data collected by the UC Davis California Roadkill Observation System can help with just that.

According to their website, the system is designed to track roadkill in California and share information including what type of animal was found, where it was located, how long it has been dead, and details about road traffic. You can report roadkill to the system here.

Some of the worst roadkill spots are along highways including Highway 99 north of Sacramento. Experts said the total cost of animal collisions on highways and major roads in 2017 totaled $307,298,290.

While many may want to avoid roadkill, one lawmaker is helping drivers take home those animals. SB395, introduced by Senator Archuleta, would allow drivers to take home animals they collide with on major roadways.

For more on the bill, check out the CBS13 News at 10.


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