SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – High Schools in California could require students to learn how to budget, how to bank, and how to use credit as a mandatory course in order to graduate.

Students are already required to take at least one semester of economics. Assembly Bill 1087 would specify what needs to get taught, including;

  • Fundamentals of banking for personal use
  • Principles of budgeting and personal finance
  • Employment and factors that affect net income
  • Uses and effects of credit

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A Bank of America and USA Today report compiled in 2016 surveyed young Americans and asked them what they wish they had learned more about in school. 43% said how to invest, 40% said how to do taxes, 26% responded with how to manage monthly bills, 22% said how to negotiate a salary, and 21% said how to save for retirement, how to buy a home, and how to prepare for a job interview.

  1. It’s about time High Schools taught some things that can actually be used in the real world. How do you balance your checking account? What are your rights when you rent an apartment? These are things you’re going to deal with right out of high school. I have never ever used Algebra… but THE most Valuable class I took…. Typing. I use that every day!

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