LAKE BERRYESSA (CBS13) – With a constant stream of storms hitting Northern California over the past few months, an epic sight is finally returning to Lake Berryessa.

The lake’s morning glory spillway – known affectionately by locals as the “Glory Hole” – is active as of Tuesday.

Lake Berryessa spills out of the Monticello Dam at the 440’ level. By early Tuesday afternoon, the lake was at 440.27’.

Water levels have been jumping up the past couple of months after being steadily in-between 420’-425’ at the end of 2018. Since January, there have been noted jumps in the water level as storm after storm has hit the region.

The last time the “Glory Hole” was active was in Feb. 2017. Before that, it had been more than a decade (May 2006) since the spillway was active.

  1. Jim Hochstein says:

    would there happen to be a generating turbine attached to this energetic flow of water?

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