By Lemor Abrams

DAVIS (CBS13) – UC Davis is condemning a professor’s inflammatory statements where he said cops “need to be killed.”

English professor Joshua Clover reportedly wrote several tweets and made comments in a 2015 interview with SF Weekly where he referenced violence against law enforcement officers.

“People think that cops need to be reformed. They need to be killed,” Clover said in response to the question “What’s wrong with society today?”

Several old tweets from Clover’s followed the same criticism of law enforcement.

“I am thankful that every living cop will one day be dead, some by their own hand, some by others, too many of old age #letsnotmakemore,” Clover reportedly tweeted on Nov. 27, 2014.

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“I mean, it’s easier to shoot cops when their backs are turned, no?” Clover also reportedly tweeted on Dec. 27, 2014.

Clover’s Twitter account is now private, but the statements were dug up and featured in an opinion piece published to the school’s student newspaper, The Aggie, this week.

Clover declined to comment on his controversial views, but he did tell CBS13, “On the day that police have as much to fear from literature professors as Black kids do from police, I will definitely have a statement.”

Tuesday, UC Davis officials released a statement condemning Clover:

“The UC Davis administration condemns the statement of Professor Clover to which you refer. It does not reflect our institutional values, and we find it unconscionable that anyone would condone much less appear to advocate murder,” wrote UC Davis spokesperson Andy Fell.

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Woman holding a picture of Natalie Corona at the vigil.

UC Davis officials also noted how they are continuing to mourn the loss of Officer Natalie Corona, who was ambushed by a gunman in Davis and killed.

“We mourn her loss and express our gratitude to all who risk their lives protecting us. We support law enforcement, and the UC Davis Police Department and Chief Joe Farrow have been and remain critical partners to our community,” Fell wrote.

Former Sacramento Sheriff John McGinness is calling on the university to limit his speech or let him go.

“I’ve heard him hailed and lauded as an intellectual giant, well he’s not. With all due respect, that’s not symptomatic of somebody that has an abundance of intellect,” McGinness said. “You’re actually calling for the death of human beings. They have a right to say, ‘That’s not consistent with our values.'”

The college says they have not received a “complaint of conduct” against Clover.

“Public statements like those made by Professor Clover are accorded a high level of protection under the first amendment,” Dana Topousis with UC Davis said in response to a question regarding whether Clover could be fired due to the comments.

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Constitutional law expert Jeffery Kravitz explained how the first amendment applies in this situation.

“Someone is fired for speech that they made and it’s protected speech… you would have to show that the statement is not actually protected. You would have to show that this statement is an incitement to violence,” Kravitz said.

Clover has published several books. His works focus on critical theory, political theory, political economy, poetry, poetics, and Marxism.

The head of the English Department at UC Davis said she is distressed to learn about his views. Clover is currently on medical leave but is scheduled to teach English and Literature at the university.

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  1. Ste Mach says:

    What a sad excuse for a human being. This man should be fired… at…. Then let him call the police for help since he’s obviously not carrying protection. I hope this man suffers someday somehow.

  2. Please we should remember Natalie Corona…while this lunatic was teaching hate…Natalie was killed by a deranged bystander who had been brainwashed to think cops were evil. Natalie was just doing her job helping at a traffic accident. “Professor’ Clover wished her murdered…Please remember Natalie, not this sick lunatic “professor”.

  3. Edgar Wai says:

    As wrong as the message might be, we shouldn’t punish people for saying what they believe. If they do so, and we say what we believe, and we agree to disagree, then there is no actual harm done. Everyone gets to express their true feelings.

    We shouldn’t need to dehumanize someone for speaking the truth. We shouldn’t need to ignore them or erase them from history. If you take a step back and see what the professor is saying, he is saying:

    1) Black kids have to fear getting randomly killed by cops.
    2) If cops don’t sympathize with that, there is no way for them to learn unless they are in a situation where they fear of getting randomly killed at the same statistical frequency.

    If you support free speech, the police, and the community as a whole, what you can do is to help show and share sympathy to everyone. We don’t need to react to a situation by punishing anyone. We can solve this by understanding and showing sympathy. We can solve this without leaving anyone out of the community.

    I believe this is what Natalie would try to tell you.

    1. Eileen Kephart says:

      Crawl back under your rock, you naive twit.

  4. Edgar Wai says:

    “You know dad, for the person that I arrested today, I had to take their bag of cereal and that was all they had to eat. So I put $5 in his bag and told him that was for them to eat when they got out. They started weeping.”

    “Well, Natalie, you can do that but you’re going to run into people like that all the time.”

    “I know dad, but I don’t mind.”

  5. Dan Olson says:

    Don’t send your kids to UC Davis.

    1. Don Stickney says:

      Yep. And that’s just one of MANY things that people can do. If you live in California, contact your state senator and/or assembly member and tell them how upset you are that your tax $$ is being used to fund this piece-of-garbage ‘professor’s’ salary.
      If you live near UC Davis, you can do more. As long as he is still employed by the school, DO NOT attend any home sporting events. Think of all that revenue from tickets, food, souvenirs, etc UC Davis will continue to LOSE! If the school has any on-campus, concerts, plays, lectures, exhibits, etc; boycott them as well!
      And, yes, strongly encourage not only your kids, but as many kids as you can, from NOT attending UC Davis!

  6. Eileen Kephart says:

    What part of “Cops need to be killed” is not an incitement to violence? And killed with their backs turned, no less. This toxic waste of skin needs to be fired from Davis and barred from ever again infecting impressionable young minds with his reprehensible views. That won’t happen, but it’s something to shoot for, so to speak.

  7. It’s amazing how some academics will condemn a person for expressing conservative social and political view points and demand their firing and doxxing and even their arrest, but when one of their own gets called to task for openly calling for the execution of police officer, which IS a crime, they squawk, “It’s his first amendment right!”.

  8. Mary Ward says:

    Fire him.

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