SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A survey by WalletHub says California is near the top of a list that’s not very nice. The results show we’re one of the most sinful states in the U.S., and it’s something not everyone is proud about.

Nevada tops the list of most sinful states, and Vermont is the state with the most virtue.

Many people aren’t surprised to learn Californians are living in sin. When it comes to lust, we’re number two in the nation. And we like to look good in the Golden State, which explains why we came in third for vanity.

Feeling jealous too? That makes sense because we’re number nine in that category.

So congratulations California on being one of the most sinful states, all the others will just have to envy us.

You can check out the full list here!

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  1. Eileen Kephart says:

    Whether folks want to admit it or not, many people in many states are jealous of California and Californians, so CA should have ranked lower on the Jealousy list. Oops, I showed pride for my home state…and CA just inched up a notch on the Sin List.

  2. Tena Kay Michel says:

    So the Christian Right Wing has decided to set themselves up as judges of the ‘sinfulness’ of every state? Maybe they should read their Bibles and see what Jesus said about those who judge others. I’m not a Christian, nor do I belong to any other established mythologies called religion, and I do NOT accept that ANY religion has the right to judge me or anyone else, especially an entire state. Give me a break, you self-righteous hypocrites. Better work on getting that big ol’ beam out of your OWN eye before you start saying states are ‘sinful.’ But first, explain to me how a state can commit a ‘sin.’ Do they get an afterlife, too?

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