By Angela Greenwood

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s a case of cookie crooks. Thieves are targeting Girl Scout troops as they sell their beloved girl scout cookies. So far this season, it’s happened at least twice in the Sacramento area, with counterfeit bills being used to purchase cookies and leaving the girls to eat the cost.

‘Tis the season for the sweet treats.

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“I like giving it to people and saying enjoy and stuff,” said Girl Scout Chloe Lining.

But for local Girl Scouts Troop 282, cookie sales turned sour this year.

“It makes you really mad that someone would try to steal from you,” said Girl Scout Marineke Helms.

It happened a couple of weeks ago at the CVS on Grass Valley Highway in Auburn where a woman bought four boxes of cookies with counterfeit money, handing over a fake one hundred dollar bill.

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“It was my first time as a cookie manager so I wasn’t prepared for counterfeits. I now have two pens and the girls mark every bill,” said troop leader Veronique Zobel.

CBS13 has also learned a similar incident happened to a troop in Galt where a man also used a counterfeit hundred dollar bill to buy four boxes of cookies, getting away with $80 real cash in change.

Troop 282 says a bank teller broke the news about the fake money, and now everyone is wondering the same thing.

“How could you steal from nine and ten-year-old girls?”

But, it was a sweet ending as the community got word of the fraud and brought out customers to buy cookies by the dozens and make up for the loss.

“If something bad happens, look on the bright side because you’ll always get something good out of something bad,” said Gracie Hunter.

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Similar incidents have been happening across the country in recent years with fake money being used at girl scout cookies stands. The local incident has been reported to authorities.