by Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police presence escalated Monday night during the peaceful protest after reports of vandalism in the Fab 40s neighborhood where the marchers rallied. Black Lives Matter, which organized it, denies any responsibility.

“I would love to see the cars that were damaged. Because I didn’t see any vandalism,” said protestor Ryan McClinton.

Protesters may not have seen it, but neighbors say it happened.

“This is where they keyed-all the way back,” said a woman who lives in the neighborhood.

This woman who didn’t want to be identified said the crowd was taunting them.

“They were hateful, resenting everything we had,” she said.

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March organizers selected the Fab 40s location because, as they said, it’s affluent and predominantly white. What started out as a peaceful protest ended with 84 arrests for failure to disperse.

“This is what I call a real lack of leadership, a disconnect,” said Shane Harris with the People’s Alliance for Justice.

Civil rights leaders and community members were outraged over what they call “excessive use of force.”

“The cops essentially strategically corralled them, slid them to 51st, brought them down to this bridge and commenced to tell them they are under arrest,“ said protestor Kaia Osborne.

Two were injured in the process.

“My right shoulder, I really can’t lift it up right now,” said McClinton.

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Pastor Les Simmons who has worked with Stephen Clark’s family in the past to improve community-police relations was one of those arrested. He was visibly disappointed about how police handled the situation.

“In order to move our community forward it will take courageous leadership of our political leaders,” Simmons said.

Sacramento City Councilman Rick Jennings, who was called to the scene by concerned parents, says this needs to be a learning experience.

“We will be listening, learning from the public what we could have done better,” said Jennings.

The Sacramento City Council said it wants an independent investigation into the decision by police to make those arrests during that protest Monday Night.

  1. SPD Chief Daniel Hahn has some explaining to do. “We did have a few media folks arrested and that is definitely unusual for our city,” Ya think? Who’s in charge here? Seems not the Chief.

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