DAVIS (CBS13) – A UC Davis professor who advocated for the killing of cops is now under review by the university’s legal team.

Chancellor Gary May has asked the campus legal team to review the English professor Joshua Clover’s conduct and provide advice.

The recent ambush style murder of Davis police officer Natalie Corona shined a spotlight on statements made by Clover years ago.

One of the inflammatory comments were made in a 2015 interview in SF Weekly.

“People think that cops need to be reformed. They need to be killed,” Clover said in response to the question “What’s wrong with society today?”

Several tweets apparently made by Clover in 2014 followed the same criticism of law enforcement.

“I am thankful that every living cop will one day be dead, some by their own hand, some by others, too many of old age #letsnotmakemore,” Clover’s account tweeted.

An opinion column published in February in The Aggie – UC Davis’ student newspaper – dug up the comments and tweets from Clover, prompting a backlash against the professor.

Chancellor May released a statement on the situation, writing:

“The public expression of opinions, even those opinions considered controversial or abhorrent, enjoy a high level of protection under the first amendment, and tenured faculty at the University of California enjoy significant employment protections, particularly around their speech.”

Clover has published several books. His works focus on critical theory, political theory, political economy, poetry, poetics, and Marxism.

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  1. Eileen Kephart says:

    This toxic POS should not be able to “enjoy” any employment protections at all, due to the abhorrent nature of his dangerous and hateful words. Protections notwithstanding, this professor should have his tenure revoked, and he should never again be allowed to influence impressionable young minds with his incitement to his readers to murder police officers. Way to go, Aggies staff, for unearthing Clover’s true nature! #revokecloverstenure.

  2. Rick Otto says:

    This POS needs a good ass kicking

  3. Carrington O Donnell says:

    He has a conviction for the protest he led that shut down U.S bank. He (and the Davis 12) were each facing 7 years in prison and $1M fine, but they accepted a plea deal for community service. His protest cost the university millions of dollars because U.S Bank closed it’s on campus branch. He also disrupted the lives and academia of countless students, some of which were left without funds over a weekend. That in itself should have been enough to fire him!

  4. Christopher White says:

    I fully share the outrage- however, his speech is protected; whether I like it or not. We need to protect *all^ speech, not just the words we agree with. Otherwise, we become just like the liberals that want to shut down any speech that they don’t agree with. Please, people: Rise above this.

  5. Kevin Wilkinson says:

    Freedom of speech (protected or not) also carries with it a certain level of responsibility, this person is in a position of authority and influence and should not be allowed, even by nature of his “tenure”, to speak openly in such a manner that could incite or influence individuals to take action upon his words. Legally he can state what he did however, would it be any different if he said all women should be killed once they have children because that is all they are good for? I wonder if a statement like that would be so simply “washed away” just as the school put it…staff “enjoy significant employment protections”. I am saddened that if this person ever needed help from a police officer, that officer would respond out of duty. Scary thought…what is this “teacher” saying in his classroom to all of the young people who look for knowledge and inspiration??

  6. E Christina Dabis says:

    Review??? He should have been fired weeks ago.

  7. Bryan Jon Smith says:

    It’s at the point that if you’re associated with one party, you’re fired, and another, you’re not. Frankly, I’d just ignore them all, but the double standards pushed by Progressives are getting to all Moderates and even classic, critically thinking Liberals? And people wonder why Trump won in 2016?

    NOTE: I did not vote for Trump, but saw it coming … just like the Brexit.

  8. Hugh Brady says:

    He is not entitled under the 1st amendment.. He clearly called for mass terrorism and pre-meditated murder using a national and international forum..

  9. Sarah Brennan says:

    Couldn’t agree any more with the most of the comments above, he is spreading a message of violence and hate, and regardless which population he targets, it is unacceptable, especially in his position. Im sure it would not have been handled so lightly if he said those things about women, Hispanics, or African Americans.

  10. Tab Brown says:

    Post his address along with Chancellor May.

  11. Jim Walters says:

    And will UC-Davis hold the same high standard to the free expression of “controversial or abhorrent” opinions of Christian, conservative or pro-life individuals?

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