SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — This weekend it’ll be time to spring the clocks forward one hour for daylight saving time.

Many people are wondering why we’re still changing the clocks after Californians voted to pass Proposition 7 back in November. Nearly 60 percent of voters agreed that they don’t want to keep changing the clocks twice a year, joining Hawaii and Arizona as states that do not recognize the time change.

Proposition 7 passed in November 59.8%-40.2%.

So could this be the last time we change our clocks? Maybe.

The passage of Prop 7 allows lawmakers to pass a law to permanently set California’s standard time to year-round daylight saving time. Assemblymembers Kansen Chu (D-25th District), Lorena Gonzalez (D-80th District) and Jay Obernolte (R-33rd District) introduced Assembly Bill 7 in December.

Before the law takes effect it would need to be authorized by the federal government.

AB 7 would need a vote of a two-thirds majority. The bill has not yet been voted on by lawmakers, it has been referred to a committee.

If that happens, the bill states:

“Effective immediately after federal law authorizes the state to apply year-round daylight saving time, the standard time within the state shall advance by one hour commencing at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of the March following the effective date of the federal authorization. Subsequently, notwithstanding subdivision (b), the daylight saving time period will not end and will apply year-round.”

For those still confused, the time we observe currently from mid-March until early November would become the time we observe year-round. So the sun would stay out longer, but also rise later. For instance, if we adopt a year-round clock, the sun won’t rise until 8:22 am on Christmas, and it won’t set until 5:50 pm. Currently, on Christmas Day 2019 the sun will rise at 7:22 am and set at 4:50 pm.

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  1. April Cox says:

    I have always been an advocate of ending the madness.. BUT It was supposed to END DAYLIGHT SAVINGS… This is FAKE TIME.. not real… and come next winter when it is still dark at 9am in the morning … it will be stupid!… The point was supposed to be to NOT ever move the clock FORWARD again…

    1. Eileen Kephart says:

      Real time is relative, April…and the Federal government needs to approve the bill by a 2/3 majority for it to become law. That’s why we’ll have to move the clock forward at least one more time. But with CA in Trump’s crosshairs, the law’s not likely to pass.

    2. NO, Standard Time is stupid! So the sun comes up at 8:22 am on Christmas Day? SO WHAT?? I just HATE it when it gets dark at 4:45 pm…..Depressing! Either have DST all year long, or just leave it alone! The more light in the evenings after work, the better! Better for kids to play, better for adults to get things done after work, better for business, better for tourism and more activities. If you are worried about kids waiting for the bus in the dark in the morning, I say, school start times should be pushed ahead an hour later! Problem solved!
      Daylight Saving Time all the way!!!

  2. racblogs says:

    I like Daylight Savings time for it’s intended purpose, to save engery during the summer months, which, not really. But I was fine with Daylight Savings in late April to mid October, but as usual for mankind, we can’t leave well enough alone. This 4 and a half month of standard time is ridiculous. My preference is to go back to the old way or leave standard time all year around. It’s either an hour in the morning or an hour in the evening. I prefer the shorter daylight days in the winter with the sun coming up as early as possible, rather than a late sunrise and an hour of extra light in the fall and winter seasons. That’s me and who cares?

  3. Willard Dunn says:

    leave it standard time all year long .If you want daylight savings time get up one hour earlier ,go to bed an hour earlier , open up you business an hour earlier and close an hour earlier simple as that. Arizona stays on standard time and so does Hawaii…

  4. I’ve lived in Hawaii with standard time all year, and now i live in Arizona, and ditto – and it is definitely my preference. It’s ludicrous for CA to be on DST all year; they will be out of sync with most of the rest of the country. I’d much rather have daylight earlier in the morning and darker earlier at night; of course, i’m a morning person.

  5. Patricia Wright says:

    Please allow California on standard time all year. Thanks.

  6. The people voted for it and “Our” government still won’t do what “The People” want, why did they even propose the bill to begin with if they(Kansen Chu) was not going to follow through with it. Now another vote is needed? As always someone is going to be making some money from this before it ever changes, these officials that introduce a bill and then after it’s passed pull back on it should be kicked out of office and pay back the cost. How much money was spent to introduce the bill and do everything it took? Sounds like they want to make more money to do what the people voted. Everyone should remember these “Assembly members Kansen Chu (D-25th District), Lorena Gonzalez (D-80th District) and Jay Obernolte (R-33rd District)” next time they come up for re-election. LEAVE THE TIME AS IS AND DO YOUR VOTING OR STUDYING.

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