SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramentans came together today to talk about the Stephon Clark shooting.

“What can we do as a community? How can we reach out to our young people? How can we reach out to our elders and unify together?” asks Karin Frank.

Those are the questions organizers want to get to answer to.

ALSO: DA Won’t File Charges Against 84 Stephon Clark Protesters Arrested On Monday

People coming together in a healing circle, a week after the DA announced the officers involved in the Stephon Clark shooting would not be charged.

The DA also just announcing the 84 people who were arrested during a protest would not be charged, saying it is “in the interest of justice.”

But some people are not seeing it that way.

“What else was the DA going to do?” asks Berry Accius. “I mean I’m sure she didn’t want to have a caseload of 84. She could barely handle a caseload of one with Stephon Clark. It took her almost about a year to sit there and say what she wasn’t going to do and not charge the officers. So I’m not going to sit here and applaud her.”



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