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LATHROP (CBS13) — A business owner and new father is taking steps to protect his family and fellow employees after a scary scene over the weekend. An ex-employee came in and reportedly opened fire.

Sukhjinder Singh owns a trucking company in Lathrop. He is still shaken after a former employee returned after his last day on the job and fired a round at him and other employees. The confrontation was all caught on surveillance tape. They are now worried he may come back.

“I couldn’t even breathe,” said Singh. “I got scared when he said I am going to come for your family you don’t know what I’m going to do.”

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Fortunately, nobody was injured, but the ex-employee threatened to return to handle what he started. Deputies tracked down that alleged gunman, Beent Singh,  and the gun.

Beent Singh was arrested for felony assault with a firearm and criminal threats. Sukhjinder Singh filed a temporary restraining order to protect his family and fellow employees Monday that is good for up to three years.

“Generally courts are pretty responsive to restraining orders,” said Stewart Katz, a local attorney.

Katz, who does not represent either party, says restraining orders are a legal instrument to try to keep a bad situation from turning tragic.

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“[It] gives the dispatchers heads up to know that some basis got his call and give it a higher priority in terms of responding because there is a reason to believe something bad could happen,” Katz said.

It’s also another layer of protection for victims as the case plays out in the courts. Beent Singh will be arraigned Tuesday.

“And if he is released on bond there will likely be conditions, that absolutely include stay away, and no firearms,” said Katz.

The victim’s witness program, along with the DA’s Office, helps people fill out forms and walk victims them through the process in courts.


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