WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — West Sacramento city leaders are taking some controversial steps to solve tree troubles. More than 100 are scheduled to be cut down.

The Southport neighborhood is a place where kids play ball in front of their homes and neighbors go for walks. But now West Sacramento is saying there is a growing danger emerging under the sidewalk.

Chinese Tallow Tree roots are lifting and cracking the concrete.

Janice Villanueva filed a claim against the city last May after she tripped, saying the city was negligent in its maintenance.

“I was just running and it caught my foot and then I fell and it impacted my whole entire face,” Villanueva said.

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Now the city thinks 151 of the tallows, marked with orange Xs, must be chopped down to protect the public. But some neighbors oppose the plan.

“The trees are finally mature, provide shade if I look they finally look nice and now they’re tearing them out,” said Robert Hernandez.

Hernandez is not alone, Villanueva also opposes removing the trees.

“I would hate to see the trees go away, there must be a better solution,” Villanueva said.

The city says it must be done to protect public safety. They plan on planting replacement trees for the Chinese Tallows, which are not even on the city’s approved tree list.

“I’m going to miss the tree but I’m kind of glad it’s coming out,” said homeowner Jay Swanson.

It will cost about $60,000 to remove and replace the trees. Work is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks.


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