SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New video shows what police saw from the air as protesters gathered in East Sacramento last week. It was a demonstration that ended in 84 arrests and put the chief in the spotlight.

In a surprise presentation that was held without advance notice Tuesday afternoon at City Hall, Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn outlined why there were so many arrests on March 4. He also spoke about what changes his department is considering.

“I never promised that issues or mistakes would not arise under my leadership,” Hahn said. “There’s no doubt that last weeks protest ended differently than most previous protests in our city.”

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It was Sacramento’s largest mass-arrest in recent memory with 84 people taken into custody while demonstrating against last year’s police shooting of Stephon Clark.

Hahn said there were arrests last week but not during larger and more disruptive demonstrations because, “there have been times in past protests where officers did witness smashing a window or something like that, but because of the size of the crowd and only a couple officers present, they didn’t have the ability to safely carry something out.”

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A review by the city’s Director of Public Safety Accountability says mistakes were made. One issue was when officers in riot gear threatened to use lethal force during PA announcements, declaring the protest an unlawful assembly.

Many complain it made the situation worse. The goal of the review is to try and ensure the next protest ends differently.

Tuesday’s city council meeting ended abruptly when a protester began shouting. The Mayor says this police review is crucial to protecting the public’s right to peacefully protest.

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  1. The optics of the situation were very clear. The police came outfitted to be aggressive. There was no need to be in full riot gear. That was a provocation by itself. The demonstration never presented itself as being potentially violent. Then the police tactics were another provocation. They were looking for a fight. It was shameful. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Hahn.

  2. Alan Hart says:

    The City Council had to adjourn the meeting AGAIN because if shouting from the public.
    Disturbing a Public Meeting or Assembly. … California Penal Code 403 PC provides that “Every person who, without authority of law, willfully disturbs or breaks up any assembly or meeting that is not unlawful in its character…is guilty of a misdemeanor.”
    Why wasn’t he arrested???

    As for Frank. Obviously your experience has shown you have had to face potential gatherings that can turn into full blown riots. As retired Peace Officer, I can say that unruly gatherings can have unsavoury members of the community present, and past events has shown they can be prone to violence. That protective gear they wear can repel bottles, bricks and whatever may be thrown if the situation escalates, not to intimidate. State you law enforcement experience to back up your ridiculous statements

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