Rachel Wulff reporting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Warmer temperatures have people and pests out and about. You probably saw some mosquitoes with this week’s 70-degree day.

With all this rain there is a lot of standing water. All it takes is a puddle for mosquitoes to populate.

Levi Williams likes to take his dogs to the park.

“Pena Adobe gets pretty bad. That’s where still water sits,” said Williams.

Warmer weather has caused an increase in mosquitoes. That’s why Solano Mosquito Abatement is already out.

Dave Murrietta stopped by an area where water is pooling by a residential area said, “We are doing a post-treatment sample to make sure the products are still taking effect.”

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They have been treating for 21 different species of mosquitoes since January, targeting low-lying areas where mosquitoes breed and feed.

“This trap here is a CO2 type trap, this is mimicking a living breathing creature,” said Barner.

Biologist Brett Barner traps and tests mosquitoes, identifying species and gender.

“If there’s a lot of males in a trap, they can tell a source is close because males do not have a long flight range.”

If it’s a species that carries the West Nile Virus, they are shipped to UC Davis for further testing.

“We have had mosquitoes come back positive for West Nile as well as dead birds,” said Barner.

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The Zika virus, which causes birth defects in unborn babies, hasn’t spread to Northern California.

“What we are looking for is the species that spreads the Zika virus,” said Barner.

Researchers are always testing the insects and telling the public to protect themselves and their pets from mosquitoes and ticks.

Arm yourself with DEET-infused bug spray to fight mosquitoes and get heartworm medicine for your dogs. You can also call for mosquito fish to be delivered for free to help eat mosquito larvae in a pond.