ORANGEVALE (CBS13) — An elderly man in Orangevale is recovering after getting badly injured in a terrible fall. Luckily, a young man he’d never met before came to his rescue.

They’re generations apart, but this 12-year-old boy and 87-year-old man are now forever connected.

On a typical afternoon in their Orangevale neighborhood, Jett Massagli was out riding his bike while Chuck Fletcher was on his daily stroll.

“There was an old man face first down into the concrete, so I noticed that didn’t look right,” Massagli said.

Fletcher had tripped over some uneven pavement and was badly bleeding. Massagli rushed over on his bike to make sure Fletcher was okay. He then got Fletcher’s address to alert his wife about the fall.

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“I was so impressed with who he was and his concern for me and his willingness to help any way he could,” Fletcher said.

Bandaged and bruised, Fletcher is now home healing, and the community is praising his small hero whose parents could not be more proud.

The two are years apart, but their values the same. The chance encounter didn’t start out pretty but ended beautifully with a new friendship.

Massagli likes to help others and also volunteers at horse stables where he takes care of animals. As for Fletcher, he still plans to take his afternoon walks, but he’s considering investing in a cane or a walking buddy from now on.

Comments (2)
  1. Lizbeth Martin says:

    We love this coverage of OUR 12 year old hero! Chuck Fletcher is my husband. We will never be able to repay the blessing of having Jet Massagli appear at the right time to help save my husband. He needs and deserves the best in life! Thank you to CBS for this excellent piece.
    Lizbeth Martin and Chuck Fletcher

    1. hubsbbg says:

      Great local story here!

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