Rob Malcolm reporting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A search is on for the driver who struck a biker in North Sacramento and took off.

The incident happened late Thursday morning near Palmer Street and Del Paso Boulevard.

Sacramento police say a man was riding a motorized bike and was clipped by a driver heading in the same direction. The van took off, leaving the rider in the street.

The collision left the rider with major injuries, officers say. He has been taken to the hospital.

The suspect’s car has only been described as a dark sedan. Investigators are looking for anyone else who may have seen the incident.

Neighbors in the area say speed and truck traffic in the area is a big problem. Some neighbors have even bought signs that ask drivers to slow down.

Jose Hugh has lived off Del Paso Boulevard for two years. He watched as Sacramento Police investigated the hit and run Thursday and said the victim is in bad shape.

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“It’s ridiculous. I hope the guys all right he looked like he was in bad shape,” Hugh said. “He was laying there bleeding and a random civilian was above him applying pressure to the cuts helping to stop the bleeding.”

Neighbors said they’ve worried something like this would happen.

“People come down this street at 100 miles per hour. Semis come flying down, my windows rattle,” said Vicky Jividen.

The issue is so bad Jividen has taken matters into her own hands.

“So I had signs up here everywhere but it didn’t do any good, and I think the neighbors have called police,” Jividen said.

Neighbors have also reached out to the city to get electronic signs installed or even speed bumps, but have been told the street is too wide.


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