STOCKTON(CBS13) — It happened once again, a serious crime committed on a Stockton school campus on back to back days only this time involving a gun at Stagg High School.

“There is zero tolerance for bringing weapons, knives, firearms on the school campuses,” said Officer Joe Silva with Stockton PD.

A simple traffic stop Thursday led police to a shocking discovery.

“When one of the passengers got out of the vehicle and officer noticed a magazine for a firearm in the passenger seat,” he said.

Inside the backpack, they found marijuana, several rounds of ammunition, and a handgun.

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“That passenger ended up being a 17-year-old male student at that school,” Silva said.

“I’m very concerned, very concerned,” said Deanna Bermudez has two kids in the district. “I’m at work and he’s at school and it’s about being worried and it’s just really concerned, but he has to go to school.”

Wednesday afternoon a 14-year-old girl was stabbed by a 13-year-old classmate at Stockton’s Rio Calaveras elementary.

“Obviously what happened yesterday where you have a student getting stabbed, that’s just very disturbing and chilling,” Officer Silva.

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Because the suspects are juveniles, their names are being withheld.

“It’s scary to send your kids to school, I know they try, but you can’t keep everybody (safe). I think it has to do with upbringing, parents, stuff like that, but you got to just teach them to do the right thing,” said Jim Blevins, grandfather of a student in the district.

In this latest case, no students were harmed.

“With a quick response from school administration and law enforcement we were able to stop an incident that could’ve happened today at Stagg High School,” Silva said.

The 17-year-old is facing some very serious charges, all felony counts and was booked into juvenile hall. The driver was cited for rolling through a stop sign.


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