SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) – NFL legend Joe Montana is saying his family used the consulting services from the man at the center of the college admissions scandal, but nothing more.

Montana tweeted a statement on Thursday, writing that his family was among the many that used William “Rick” Singer’s company.

“Mr. Singer’s company provided nothing more than minimal consulting services to our family, like so many other families, with the college application process,” Montana tweeted. “Fortunately our kids were able to pick from a number of schools to attend due to their hard work and their merit.”

A reported Facebook post from back in 2014 from one of Singer’s companies touted their work with Montana and other high profile clients.

Montana is not among the people charged in the scandal that has roped in other celebrities like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

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Golfer Phil Mickelson also tweeted that his family had used Singer’s company, but were not part of the fraud.

“Our family, along with thousands of others, used Rick Singer’s company to guide us through the college admission process,” the elite golfer tweeted. “We are shocked by the revelations of these events. Obviously, we were not part of this fraud, our kids would disown us if we ever tried to interfere.”

Montana played college ball at Notre Dame. He has four grown children who have all already finished college.


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  1. Saw this on Drudge. Went to for more real California news.

  2. Michael Perse says:

    Say it isn’t so, Joe!

  3. Steve Wilson says:

    These guys are trying to get out in front of this before their S hits the fan. And it will.

    1. Andrea Calkins says:

      See how he uses this excuse?

      “Our family, along with thousands of others, used Rick Singer’s company to guide us ”

      Because thousands of others used Singer, it was okay that we did too!

  4. Don Lond says:

    Well, yes, he’s making excuses before it gets reported, (and there are no excuses) but at least he wasn’t a fake athlete. Credit where it is due.

  5. Sam Huston says:

    Hello from the Crown Jewel of the British Empire, the Dominion of Canada.

    Wow there is such thing as White Privilege.

    Rich White Lib, White Privilege.

  6. Don England says:

    We might believe you Joe and Phil, however, I’m sure the FBI are going through your records, just to make sure.

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