By Jennifer McGraw

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Masked in black and fully covered, the butcher knife bandit hit yet another Vacaville convenient store.

“Usually I don’t work nights, but that night it just ended up being me there,” said a store clerk.

In fear of retaliation, the clerk did not want us to reveal his identity.

“It was really weird. Usually, people are aggressive, but he was really calm. He just came in and said hey you have to open the register and I said sorry the register is right there if you want to take a go ahead and take it,” the clerk said. “Whether it’s a gun or knife I was ready to hide,” he said.

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The kitchen knife-wielding man left without cash, but police say he is responsible for five robberies.

“They were typically convenient marts attached to gas stations and they were happening usually during the morning hours,” Sgt. Frank Piro with Vacaville PD.

He said they added patrols and were ready to catch this criminal before he struck again.

“Certainly the cashiers and the clerks were very traumatized over the events, we actually responded to one particular incident where the gentleman was shaking and he was actually victimized twice,” Piro said.

The suspect has also been targeting local shops late at night.

“To experience something like that was something that would probably stick with them forever,” Piro said.

But police caught a break and noticed a suspicious man walking the streets early Tuesday.

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“He had a large kitchen knife as well as gloves and other items that help detectives link him to the unsolved robbery crime scene,” he said.

Police arrested Robert Manson and were able to tie him to all five robberies through surveillance video.

“I’m glad because a lot of stores are safe now and it’s good news for everybody,” said the store clerk.

Manson is from the Vacaville area and is in jail now facing several felony charges.

Jennifer McGraw


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