Rob Malcolm reporting

FOLSOM (CBS13) — A rare bacterial disease that every pet owner should know about has surfaced in a Citrus Heights pet. Leptospirosis is spread from wild animals to pets and humans.

The disease is found in standing water, and will all the rain lately, veterinarians are reminding people to vaccinate pets. All it takes is a puddle of water or an infected blade of grass to infect an animal, but Leptospirosis is preventable through vaccination.

Alarm bells are sounding after a Citrus Heights woman admitted her dog to the vet after it came down with leptospirosis.

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Dr. Kelly Byam with Abel Pet Clinic said the disease is spread in the urine of infected animals.

“The disease is usually found in standing water could be a reservoir or lake that could be a puddle or drop of urine on a blade of grass,” Byam said.

Pet owners around Folsom Lake Tuesday were taking extra precautions.

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Byam said rats, mice, and raccoons can spread the disease. She said to look out for kidney disease symptoms in dogs.

“Dogs will have a fever, they’re going to drink a lot, pee a lot, and won’t feel like eating,” Byam said.

Leptospirosis is preventable, so it is a good idea to get your dog vaccinated. Humans can get it as well through cuts or abrasions.