By Adrienne Moore

STOCKTON (CBS13) — It can be tough to make the grade when you don’t know where your next meal is going to come from. Students at Delta College in Stockton have a new, expanded food pantry to make sure no one goes hungry at school.

The student food pantry at Delta College opened a new location thanks in part to administrators getting creative, using a student lounge that was a bit neglected, according to Dean of Enrollment Services Angela Tos.

The pantry is stocked with everything from almond milk to eggs, bread, and canned corn. The food on the shelves is helping fill bellies and nourish the soul of students.

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“I would have loved to have something like this. I was hungry a lot,” said Shayla Walker, Director of Student Activities for the College. “I think the important part is maintaining people’s dignity. And making this place that you want to come to.”

The opening comes a week after a survey of California community college students revealed that more than half have trouble affording balanced meals and worry about running out food.

To help curb those numbers, Delta College uses a point system to ensure no student goes hungry.

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“They have 100 points for the semester that they can use. And up to 16 points per week,” Walker said.

With a long list of food and toiletry items to choose from, the hope is that students will swing by and pick up what they need free of judgment.

The money for the expanded services comes from one-time funding from the state legislature.

Adrienne Moore

  1. If the American educational system really wants to ensure that no student goes hungry, they need to ensure our HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS GRADUATE WITH SKILLS!!!