FRESNO (CBS13) – A Facebook post on an admitted gang member’s arrest has gone viral thanks to his apparent taste for rustic guns.

Back on March 11, Fresno police announced they had arrested 19-year-old Amador Carlos Martinez during a gang violence reduction mission in the city.

Martinez was pulled over and admitted to being a member of the Fresno Bulldogs gang. He also had a loaded .44 Magnum revolver under the driver’s seat – saying he had it for protect himself against other gang members.

Officers arrested Martinez on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Amador Carlos Martinez, an admitted Fresno Bulldog gang member. (Credit: Fresno Police)

Amador Carlos Martinez, an admitted Fresno Bulldog gang member. (Credit: Fresno Police)

Like many arrests in Fresno, the police department posted Martinez’ mugshot to their Facebook page. They also posted a picture of Martinez’ revolver – and it didn’t go unnoticed by Facebook commenters.

Here’s a sampling of some of the top comments:

“He got arrested before he could skin that smokewagon.”

“Free my boy Wyatt Herb IIVX.”

“This kid takes Red Dead Redemption way too serious.”

“I wonder if he has to take ten paces before he commits a drive-by.”

The Civil War-style revolver officers found under the driver's seat. (Credit: Fresno Police)

The Civil War-style revolver officers found under the driver’s seat. (Credit: Fresno Police)

“The serial number on that gun is #1.”

“Surrender thine currency and goods procured by the sweat of thine brow, good sir, lest I create in thine chest a hole larger than thine mother’s communal flower.”

The gun in question is a Remington 1858 “New Army” Revolver, which is styled after weapons used in the Civil War.

Fresno police say their special response team has taken 12 guns off the streets in 2019.

Comments (4)
  1. Alan Whitney says:

    “.44 Magnum?” Too funny!
    The ignorance of modern journalists knows no limit.

  2. Frank Vignola says:

    Please don’t destroy it. Hope you find the owner and return that classic.

    1. @Frank Vignola – It is a modern firing replica manufactured by Pietta of Italy. Anyone (nearly anyone) can buy one online for around $270 from Cabella’s. A smaller caliber cap and ball revolver can be bought as well for under $200 from Dixie Gun Works.

  3. Bob Lee says:

    As a black powder item it is not considered a firearm, so there was no background check. Anyone can buy one and have it mailed directly to their house. It does take some degree of proficiency and attention to detail in order to load, operate and maintain. Not exactly my “go to” pick in a firefight. But It would do the job in a pinch. Just be a good shot, cause if you have to reload its going to take a while.

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