Greg Liggins reporting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — While investigators try to figure out exactly what caused the 16-year-old to veer off Arden Way, striking two 72-year-old women, many pedestrians say they are being extra cautious.

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Resident Joe Myren recommends pedestrians are careful, face the traffic, and get on sidewalks when they can. Myren’s wife implored him to be extra vigilant Monday during his daily walk with his pup Guss.

He and other residents are mindful of Friday’s deadly crash that took the lives of two women walking on Arden Way.

“I just noticed drivers are not as aware pedestrians as in years past,” said Heidi Duncan.

The roadway has a large shoulder, giving ample space to drivers and pedestrians. Police say they have ruled out alcohol or drugs as a factor in the crash, but one thing they do know is that the driver had little experience behind the wheel.

“In this situation, the young lady only had her driver’s license for a couple of weeks, so she was still provisional,” said CHP officer Mike Zerfas.

The provisional license means drivers cannot drive between 11 at night and five in the morning, and they cannot drive with anyone under 20-years-old in the car unless a parent, guardian, or someone over the age of 25 is in the car.

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Drivers under 18 also cannot use a cell phone at all times, even hands-free devices.

As for the dangerous stretch of Adren Way, people in the neighborhood are talking about the lack of sidewalks in some areas, the excessive speed of some drivers, and the need to always think about safety.

“I always walk so I can see traffic coming so the following the rules of the trail,” said Christina Dennis.

Though the driver in the accident is young, at least one person said youth has nothing to do with the increased danger facing pedestrians.

“I’ve seen a mature adult with their head down driving obviously in their phone so why I don’t know that I would pick on teenagers,” Duncan said.

The CHP said they have the 16-year-old driver’s cell phone and vehicle in their possession. They will be using those items as evidence to try and figure out whether this is a case of distracted driving, mechanical failure, or something else.

  1. Lynne Black says:

    Too bad the county has to spend all our money settling Sheriff Jone’s lawsuits, maybe we could actually get some sidewalks.