RIPON (CBS13) — The cell phone tower that parents claim caused cancer in four elementary students is being removed.

Parents fought for years with the district after four children were diagnosed with some form of cancer.

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The tower is located at Weston Elementary School in Ripon.

A child Weston Elementary was recently diagnosed with cancer. With it being the fourth child diagnosed with cancer in recent years at the school, many parents started raising concerns that the cell phone tower was possibly to blame.

The district has had several tests done saying the tower is safe and meets federal regulations.

Although there is no evidence the tower is linked to the children’s cancer, Sprint now says they will be removing it in the near future.

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  1. That’s not the real reason for the removal of the Cell Tower. With the T-Mobile & Sprint merger, there’s a T-Mobile tower not too far away. Combine the network. The school will miss all that revenue. Alex Blasscyk

  2. Big Mama says:

    Weak weak people

  3. Everything in California causes cancer! Or so the labels on most items that are purchased.

  4. Jose A Lopez says:

    I sure this decision was based on “science”.

  5. John Ferreira says:

    There are only in the order of 8000-10000 studies showing adverse effects from wireless technologies. Yeah, guess that isn’t enough

    1. William Hofmeister says:

      Sorry but not one scientific study has found any link, none. This is not-ionizing radiation of extremely limited power. True science will tell you there is zero correlation with cancer.

      1. Dave Head says:

        Cell tower transmitters can be 500 watts per channel, although urban transmitters are typically 100 watts per channel. How many channels are on the tower? I don’t know, but 100 watts is not insignificant depending on how close the kids can get to the antennas.

        Normally, I’d say its an over-reaction, but with 4 kids with cancer, I’m OK with putting the tower somewhere else. Nothing causes cancer until the right study is done with the exact right radio frequency and the exact right age group and… eventually one of these studies is going to be found to contradict previous ones. The tower doesn’t have to be THERE to work, it can be a couple blocks down the road.

        There is a statistic amongst the ham radio community, who do not typically work with high power at cell phone frequencies, but at supposedly less energetic lower frequencies, that ham radio operators have a higher incidence of cancer. Go figure. I’m a ham radio operator, I’m 71, have already had prostate cancer. Coincidence? My urologist says if you’re a guy and you live long enough, you’ll get prostate cancer. But… there’s the statistic concerning ham operators…

      2. George Gervin says:

        Tech junkies will keep defending their drug of choice

  6. Geoff Snyder says:

    I used to be an RF (Radio Frequency) Engineer.

    These towers kick out less power than a microwave. But morons need their microwaves and there are too many to ban. So let’s ban towers.

    And there are not credible studies that show a link to cancer. If you want to prove it you would run some longitudinal studies. To my knowledge it has not been done.

  7. RF Burns says:

    Geoff Snyder,

    I too am an RF Engineer. I routinely have to do RF intensity evaluations at my commercial broadcast sites where the levels of Radio Frequency energy are many, many times higher than that of cellular carriers (at frequencies that affect the human body more so than at the cell channels). Anyone who is familiar with FCC OET-65 can run the numbers for themselves and see how laughable this really is.

  8. Steve Frank says:

    So when will the big ugly tower that’s a couple streets up from ME be removed?? I HATE these ugly things. And yes, they DO cause health problems. I don’t need to wait for one of their BS government studies to tell me what my own God given Common Sense tells me…. the government also says the POISON fluoride is perfectly fine to put into our water! I guess they care about our teeth! Isn’t THAT nice! Never mind the FACT that you’re not supposed to swallow fluoride as it works TOPICALLY, not ORALLY INGESTED to make your teeth “harder” (brittle).

  9. Christine Craft says:

    Towers and cellphones are two different, discreet issues. Constant use of the cell phone can cause non-malignant salivary tumors. These tumors, though not cancerous, continue to grow and cause irreversible damage to the nerves in your face and jaw.Surgery to remove them often destroys neural pathways, leaving the patient deformed. As for towers, I’m a lawyer who successfully secured a one year moratorium on placing cell towers within 100 feet of homes, schools, nursing homes etc in Marin county. We also tried to block the siting of a cell tower, eight feet away from the top of a school playground slide in Marin. While it is true that RF “energy” quickly dissipates to safer levels, the further you get away from the tower, the warnings themselves advise that you shouldn’t routinely be close to them. Why court danger?

  10. Mel Blumberg says:

    Check the water.The kind of cancer these kids developed is more likely caused by environmental factors than RF radiation. Was the school built on a dump? Is there asbestos floating in the air. What about lead paint? This could be another Love Canal situation.

  11. The public argument always seems to be about ‘microwave power density.’ Hence, the ‘RF Engineers’ above. Yet, the absconded/ignored issue (the real issue) is the frequency range and the signals carried within (digital signals, PCM/square waves).

    The biologically disturbing aspects of cellular is not about EMF/RF energy density; it’s about the signals. Biological organisms internally work via very subtle energy fields and signals. Moreover, our bodies are highly in-tune with our surroundings, whether we’re conscious of it of not.

    RF Engineers are not biological experts; their RF experts–not ‘RF as it concerns biology experts’ either. As a silly test, how about one of our RF Engineers above measure the EMF/RF energy density of an animal or human being. The results might be laughable, as in nothing detected at all by their instruments. This doesn’t mean however that it isn’t present.

    If anyone here is actually interested in this whole subject, try looking up “efflux of calcium ions”. You’ll see one such mechanism where “extremely low levels of microwave radiation” can damage animal/human cells/metabolism.

  12. John Barone says:

    Just wait till the 5 G Towers go up everyone will be getting Cancer . It was formally used to Torture people !

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