OAKLAND (CBS13) – DeMarcus Cousins is revealing that he has been called the n-word by fans during games.

In a report from Yahoo Sports on Monday, the Golden State Warriors star talks about the numerous times he’s had obscenities showed at him by fans.

“Oh, I’ve been called n*****,” Cousins said in an upcoming Posted Up podcast.

Cousins didn’t want to name cities or teams, but sources reportedly told Yahoo Sports that at least one of the incidents happened in Sacramento.

The comments come after a recent incident involving Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook and a fan in Utah. Westbrook had a verbal altercation with a heckler in the stands who allegedly used racially insensitive comments.

Westbrook was fined for the incident and the fan was permanently banned from arena.

“There are ignorant individuals in every city. I’ll just put it like that,” Cousins said. “[The league] tells you to ignore it, or whatever the case may be, but how many times am I supposed to ignore that?”

Cousins’ career started with the Sacramento Kings in 2010 before he was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans in the middle of the 2016-17 season.


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