FAIR OAKS (CBS13) — A series of startling booms are being reported in northeastern Sacramento County. Residents say they’ve been hearing the noises for months and are looking for answers.

The tranquility of Fair Oaks neighborhoods is being shattered by some mysterious nighttime noises. Homeowners say they’re being startled by loud booms in the late evening hours.

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One explosion was even caught on a doorbell camera. The noises are loud enough to set off car alarms and wake people from their sleep.

“It rattles the windows, it sounds like a firework going off in my backyard,” said Dallis Stumpf.

The sounds are especially startling to those who have kids.

“She’s two-years-old and she comes out, ‘mommy what is that?’ and she freaks out,” Stumpf said.

The loud bangs have attracted so much attention that a Facebook group has been created to track the times and direction of the explosions. It now has more than 500 followers.

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Last weekend, the sheriff’s department received multiple reports of the explosions and sent out their helicopter and several deputies to investigate. Investigators say they’re confident it’s caused by powerful illegal fireworks with the blast equivalent of up to a half stick of dynamite.

Now neighbors are keeping a close eye, and ear, out for the suspects.

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Comments (18)
  1. John David says:

    I don’t live out there but these reports of loud noises could be covert military exercises or experiments. Maybe Musk and his Boring Co. or illegals building a tunnel into CA.

  2. James Stoffaire says:

    Clearly evidence of man caused global idiocy.

  3. Might be moslem jihadis testing police responses.

  4. Richard John Stacy says:

    My hometown! The only noises I remember were the rocket engine tests at Aerojet throughout the 50s and 60s, the sound of freedom. Since then Fair Oaks, just east of Sacramento, is the quietist little town on earth. I’ll be visiting my kids and grandkids this week and will keep an ear out.

  5. Dan Tiede says:

    Sonic booms of aircraft going out of Travis?

    1. Malcolm Johnson says:

      No mystery here folks. Its the latest expansion project for connecting vast underground tunnels. They will pass right under your town, then a few towns away, youll have more reports of same. Start a chart of all the past ‘Booms’, and you’ll have an approximate map of the project and its progress. Dont know why nobody seems to be aware of this.

  6. Charlie Holman says:

    Teenagers using homemade flash bombs. They do stupid things.

  7. Saw this on Drudge. Went to http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more real news about California.

  8. Tom McGeachin says:

    Probably Trump’s fault….

  9. Dire Deparra says:

    Several months ago it was happening in my neighborhood (Southside Park area of Sacramento) over a few days… Some fools driving around and setting off very powerful firecracker type devices… Sounded more powerful than M-80s; they were a bit like the really loud reports that are in a lot of the shells in professional firework displays. Sounds more like a cannon being fired than a loud pop or crack. I presume they felt like there was less risk of being caught if they took their antics out to a more outlying area.

  10. Greg Thumm says:

    It is probably the bullet train breaking the sound barrier …

  11. DMaria Berry says:

    It is clearly a homemade incendiary device. This happens in many neighborhoods and the police know EXACTLY who is doing it. Been down the road and law enforcement is deliberately not disclosing the perp.

  12. A couple of decades ago, it could have been demolition of old munitions in Herlong.

  13. Greg St Pierre says:

    How did this station manage not to see the obvious flash with a focal point just a few feet off the ground, preceding the noise by only a second meaning it was within a couple hundred feet or so of the house. Looks like a firework to me. Get some more cameras out there.

  14. Christa J. Pointer says:

    The news presenter calls the noises VOICES.

    “And there were flashes of lightning, and VOICES, and thunders; and there was a great earthquake, such as there had not been since men were upon the earth.” Rev. 16:18

  15. Tony Monti says:

    its just Cher farting

  16. Douglas J Hale says:

    It is someone shooting at tannerite. Google “200LB TANNERITE EXPLOSION WITH L96” They do this in the countryside, but not in the middle of the night because it is legal to do in most areas.

  17. Oddly enough, something very similar happened over Columbia, Missouri recently. About 10:30 am people heard, what they called, an explosion. It was not only heard in Columbia, Mo. but also in a fifty mile radius of there. It took two days for the FAA to concoct a lame story about the Air Force testing a plane which created a sonic boom. Older residents said they felt that was unlikely. They heard many sonic booms over the years and each stated this sound was many times louder than any sonic boom they could ever recall.

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