Rob Malcolm reporting

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Reaction is still pouring in from Roseville after a shooting injured an innocent bystander. The suspects are now in custody and new video is emerging showing one of the suspects trying to make a run for it from police.

Police say what happened Tuesday night was highly unusual and they are thankful that although shots were fired, no one was seriously injured.

It’s back to business as usual at the Fairfield Inn in Roseville after gunfire left a suspect and a bystander injured.

Jim Richardson from Omaha, Nebraska stays at the hotel every week for work and says he’s never seen anything “shady” happen in the area until last night.

Police were called to the hotel on Taylor Road around 7 p.m. after shots were fired from the third floor.

A man witnessed the ordeal and even caught it on video.

“There were about six to eight gunshots. I was on the third story, so very rare,” said the witness, who didn’t want to be identified.

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Hoekendorf ran to a window and record cellphone video of one man running from the police through the greenbelt behind the hotel. The suspect was later tracked down and injured by a K-9 officer.

Roseville Police confirmed they have three people in custody from the incident but said they’re unsure if more people are involved.

The other suspects were caught after leading police on a car chase that ended in Citrus Heights.

“We’re not sure what type of drug transaction was going on, but we do believe it was drug-related,” said Rob Baquera with the Roseville Police.

The suspects were not from the area and decided to meet at the hotel in Roseville.

Aside from this incident, Roseville has seen a drop in crime, according to Baquera.

“Residential burglaries, break-ins, these crime stats are all down,” Baquera said.

The suspects are facing numerous charges including fleeing from police and drug charges.