By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputies are trying to identify a man caught on camera allegedly fondling himself outside an Arden Arcade preschool while watching children.

A teacher at the school spotted the man and took out her camera to capture the disturbing act.

The picture shows the man standing against a side gate of the preschool, wearing sweatpants pulled down at his waist and exposing himself.

Teacher Jessica White shot the picture that she says caught him in a sexual act.

“It was almost more exciting to him once he got caught,” White said.

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White took the photo before he walked away Tuesday. On Wednesday, she said she saw the same man near another school, Alexander Twilight Academy. This time, she says he was walking along the sidewalk.

“Same clothing and everything,” White said. ”Same backpack.”

White posted the photo of the man exposing himself to Facebook, where families saw it pop up on their feeds.

Hazel Williams is a grandmother at Alexander Twilight Academy.

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“I just noticed it was terrible,” Williams said. “And I’m glad she saw it, and I hope the authorities look out for the kids.”

In the past week, the suspect has reportedly been spotted in three places in the Arden Arcade area: at the two schools, and at the WinCo Grocery Store on Arden Way.

Sheriff’s deputies are asking for the public’s help identifying and locating him. Jack Anderson live and works in the area.

“Sometimes I think we need to get a little more aggressive with the folks in our neighborhood that we know are a little bit ‘off,’” Anderson said. “But that’s ‘off’ where it could be messing around with little kids lives.”

Anyone with information about the suspect should contact the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.

  1. Eileen Kephart says:

    Wow. My voting place when I lived in the Arden-Arcade area was an elementary school, and when I went there for the first time to confirm the school’s location, I got a lot of dirty looks and hard stares from school employees and parents. Then I realized school had just gotten out, and the parents and teachers thought I was a pedophile trolling for young kids. This was 20 years ago, folks, so this has been going on in the area for a long time. (Side note: Ever since that experience, I’ve voted by mail).

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