By Steve Large

PARADISE (CBS13) — The Town of Paradise hit a major milestone in the recovery aftermath of the Camp Fire. On Thursday, the town issued its very first building permit since the Camp Fire wiped out the community nearly five months ago, destroying 11,000 homes.

Meagann and Jason Buzzard are the Paradise homeowners who received the first permit to re-build.

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“I think the moment we move in we’re going to be just happy to be here and we have so many neighbors that are right behind us,” Meagann Buzzard said.

They plan to rebuild a nearly identical home to the one they lost.

“Same floor plan, it’s gonna be a little bit bigger, but this was our home and this is what we want to rebuild,” Jason Buzzard said.

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The town of Paradise has only received 21 building permit applications since the Camp Fire. Three of those sites have received certification the soil is clean. The Buzzard’s application was the first to get all the paperwork done.

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“It’s not just for us, it’s for the whole town,” Jason Buzzard said. “It’s time to go, it’s time to rebuild.”

It’s a permit that Meagann Buzzard believes proves a point to those who doubt Paradise’s resilience.

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“You know yes, it’s been a big thing that we hear, and we’re on the opposite side of that,” Meagann Buzzard said. “We don’t believe that Paradise is a lost cause, at all.”

“The population will be small at first, but as people start to rebuild, it’ll grow back up and we’ll be here for it,” John said.

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The Buzzards said construction will start on their new house in just a couple of weeks.