Greg Liggins reporting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — If the U.S.-Mexico border does close, a popular product will quickly vanish from store shelves.

The vast majority of avocados in the U.S. are from Mexico, and Californians take a huge bite of the multi-million dollar market.

At Poncho’s Cocina Mexicana & Grill in Sacramento, they use hundreds of avocados, about six cases a week. They say a lack of avocados could cost them a lot of money if the shrinking supply causes prices to shoot up.

Guillermo Leyva says avocados are $45 a case now but predicts if the supply is cut, a case could easily go for $100.

Since avocados are a healthy part of some people’s diets, some say they may be willing to pay up.

  1. Is this a stupid story, or what? No mention of the 1.7 BILLION dollars A DAY in trade that would be jeopardized and probably throw us into the next recession !!!