By Adrienne Moore

YOUNTVILLE (CBS13) — Terrifying moments in wine country when a hot air balloon ride went horribly wrong, leaving one person with serious burns and two others hurt.

A passenger that was onboard that balloon that hit a power line is telling his story after it went down south of Yountville Monday morning.

Anton Lang says it felt like a slow-moving disaster that at first, seemed like an April Fools Joke. But when the balloon hit powerlines, no one was laughing.

Lang says one minute he was soaring over the lush vineyards of Napa Valley with his wife, and the next they were closing in on powerlines in Yountville.

“We hit and we dragged it for a distance,” Lang said. “The wire cracked. And when it cracked, it arced. And that arc is what burned the woman.”

That woman, Lang said, was severely burned along her torso and arm. He claimed the pilot from Balloons Above The Valley, didn’t do enough to keep the passengers safe.

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“I’m like, ‘Bob, you’ve got another set of powerlines coming. You’ve gotta get up’ and then you know, he got us up. It was at our request, not his action. He failed us,” Lang said.

There were 20 people on board the balloon at that time, and two other passengers were hurt. Witnesses said they ran to help after the balloon came crashing back down to earth.

It was an adventure in the sky that Lang and his wife would rather forget.

Balloons Above The Valley would not comment on the incident. According to the FAA rules, the balloon involved must be inspected after every 100 hours of flight.

Adrienne Moore

  1. Wonder if the pilot should be inspected every 100 hours too !!!