NATOMAS (CBS13) — There are big changes underway at Sacramento International Airport. One of the two runways is closed until late October, and officials warn nearby neighbors will be hearing more noise.

David Arace’s Natomas home is right in the flight path of aircraft taking off from Sacramento International Airport’s east runway. Now he’s worried airport construction will make the jet noise much worse.

The west runway is set to be shut down for renovations until late October, according to the airport. A new concrete runway is being installed, which will lengthen the lifespan of the runway and require less routine maintenance.

That means twice as many planes will be taking off and landing on the runway closest to David’s home, and the airport said they’ll be flying 500 feet lower. An average of 360 planes take off and land at Sacramento International daily.

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Last year neighbors asked the FAA to temporarily reroute air traffic further away from homes during runway construction but a spokesman said, “We’re not making any changes to how aircraft takeoff or land.”

Other neighbors said they’ll just wait it out.

“You gotta get used to it, it’s like living next to the freeway,” one neighbor said.

David and his neighbors knew the airport was close when they bought their homes, now they’ll just have to put up with a little more from their noisy neighbor.

The airport will also be closed on several Sunday mornings beginning at 12:30 a.m. and any flights that do not land before then will be diverted to other airports.

  1. Eileen Kephart says:

    People buy homes near an airport, fully knowing how noisy their neighborhood will be, then complain about the noisy aircraft?! Don’t move there in the first place, you malcontents. I live in the Natomas area, and far from dreading the increased noise, I’m looking forward to hearing more aircraft fly over my home. Something about being near the hub of so much activity, I suppose! And to invite danger by rerouting aircraft to appease a few common sense-deprived complainers? I don’t think so.