LINCOLN (CBS13) – CHP released dash cam video that shows what appears to be a routine back up, but instead something no one expected.

“There was a goat that literally just ran right by our car,” said Percy Sanders of Lincoln while stuck on the highway.

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A sea of goats stretched on both the north and southbound lanes, shutting down Highway 65 Tuesday night.

“It seemed like thousands, but I’m sure it was only a couple hundred,” Sanders said.

Percy and Diana Sanders were leaving Lincoln when suddenly animals started darting across the road.

“All of a sudden we had to slam on our breaks because it was on both sides,” Diana Sanders.

Not knowing what to do, they stayed in their car as they watched law enforcement corral the goats.

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“It was like watching little kids play soccer it was like a bunch that would bunch together this way, then that way,” Diana said.

Some drivers even tried to help.

“I looked back and noticed these two women like carrying these goats back to the herd,” she pointed out.

The city uses approximately 4,000 animals across public spaces to keep the grass mowed down, but they’ve never had an incident like this. So how on earth did this happen?

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Police say the rain caused a shift in the fence and the goats grazed on, onto the highway.

“When I saw them on the side of the road I thought, that must have been some bad grass!” said the Sanders’ 8-year-old son Jackson.

He was at home missing all the action.

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“I really wish I was there,” he said.

Would he have helped?

“Yes of course! Would’ve probably helped five goats and that’s how many goats died,” Jackson said.

Sadly he’s talking about the 5 or so goats that didn’t make it.

“Ugh, it was our major concern that hopefully, the goats didn’t get hurt,” his father said.

The rest of the herd is now realizing the grass isn’t always greener after living life in the fast lane. CHP says there weren’t any reports of damages to vehicles.

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While it happened on city property, an independent contractor was hired to bring in the goats. The city is investigating who would be at fault if any damages are discovered.