Yasmeen Hassan reporting

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Two 18-year-old men have been arrested in Stockton, in connection to pharmacy robberies.

Jose Raya and Anthony Morales were arrested for armed robbery and attempted armed robbery.

One incident happened a little before 10 a.m. Wednesday at Doug’s El Dorado Drug Store along the 2000 block of East Mariposa Road.

Stockton police say the suspects walked into the pharmacy, which had several people inside at the time. At some point, multiple gunshots were exchanged between the men and an armed employee.

Sheronda Smith says she’s thankful her coworker was prepared.

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“I heard gunshots. Boom boom boom boom boom,” Smith said. “If he wouldn’t have stopped it right then and there no telling what would have happened.”

Detectives believe Raya and Morales are responsible for additional robberies within the county and neighboring counties.

“It was just chaotic. It was awful,” Smith said.

Detectives say they have located the suspect car, a white 1999 4-door Mercedes E430, near downtown Stockton. Officers found the vehicle abandoned and said they are still looking for the third suspect who was involved.