AUBURN (CBS13) – Police say ten Placer High School students are involved in a case of kids trying to pass counterfeit $20 bills.

The Auburn Police Department says officers have been investigating reports of kids trying to use counterfeit bills at several businesses in the city recently. Officers discovered that counterfeit bills had been passed at four Auburn businesses recently.

At the Taco Tree, an employee says he found a fake bill outside on the ground and another was caught inside by a machine when a young man tried to use it.

Two counterfeit bills were also passed at the Placer High cafeteria, police say.

Investigators believe the students didn’t make the bills, instead, it began with one student buying the fake money online.

“He had a fairly large amount of it from the initial purchase and then along the fake money for a lesser amount of real currency,” said Sergeant Tucker Huey with the Auburn Police.

All the students reportedly involved in the case are juveniles from Placer High, police say.

A quick search on reveals fake money that is easy to buy. Police won’t confirm Amazon was used to buy the fake cash online.

A closer look reveals the fake bill says “replica” but next to a real 20, the two look strikingly similar.

None of the students will be arrested, but the case will be handed over to the district attorney’s office following the conclusion of the police investigation.


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