SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – An Amtrak bus driver is receiving a mental health evaluation after going on a wild ride.

Police say he kicked his Sacramento-bound Amtrak passengers off the bus, and then he went on a route that he made up all on his own.

CBS13 had the only camera rolling as this driver stepped off his bus, into police custody.

He was questioned after a series of strange moves.

“Oh my gosh, it was crazy, it was absolutely crazy” passenger Cindy Wheeler said.

“His driving became more erratic, and that’s when everybody began to get very concerned,” Passenger James Iglehart said.

He forced his passengers off the bus at the intersection of P Street and 5th Street in downtown Sacramento, before he reached their scheduled destination.

“He just pulled over and kicked us all off the bus,” Wheeler said.

“He just said it’s a life or death situation, and told us to get out,” Passenger Isaiah Cabrera said.

“‘You guys get off, it’s a matter of life or death, get off,’ and then he began literally pulling things off the coach. People were grabbing their things, some got them some didn’t, then he slammed it, and basically closed the doors and that’s all we really know,” Iglehart said.

“He was talking to himself, saying he was hearing voices, that his head was hurting, I mean literally just talking to himself the whole time,” Wheeler said.

He went rogue, driving south on Interstate 5, until an Amtrak dispatcher ordered him to turn around.

“He knew police were waiting for him because someone had called,” Iglehart said.

Missing for 45 minutes, Amtrak used GPS to follow the buses moves, showing the driver got as far south as Elk Grove before returning to the Sacramento station.

There was no police pursuit.

This bus trip taking a baffling turn.
The driver finally hitting the brakes before someone got hurt.

Amtrak released a statement saying they will be in touch with the passengers to help in any way.

No one was hurt.

  1. Note that this was not an Amtrak-owned bus or employee. All Amtrak-branded buses are contracted out, this one by either the state or one of the agencies that manages state-funded Amtrak services.