SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There is no relief in sight for high gas prices in California – and it looks like we’ll hit a dreaded milestone soon.

Friday, GasBuddy announced they predict prices per gallon will likely hit $4 for the first time since summer 2014.

Refinery problems along the West Coast have squeezed the gasoline supply, especially as the change over to the summer blend looms. GasBuddy also notes that several California refineries are in the middle of planned maintenance.

Last year, California gas prices peaked at $3.83 per gallon.

GasBuddy predicts prices will climb to $4 per gallon in the next two weeks. The last time prices were over $4 in California was back on July 27, 2014.

Motorists are being advised to not fill up in anticipation of the price hike, however, as this could make the supply issue even worse.

  1. David Schreiber says:

    Every spring refineries seem to have problems before changing to summer blend gasoline. I seriously they are doing any kind of so called maintenance that would be a problem in refining. Just another excuse to price gouge the consumer and the government lets it happen because money talks and the oil companies have lots to spread around. The price of gas should only be tied to the real price of oil, not speculator driven prices. Already gas prices are rising faster than the price of oil. The oil companies get richer and the consumer gets poorer.