SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — On Thursday, CBS13 brought you the story of Jill James, who found $14,000 in cash blowing down the road in Auburn. James turned the money over to police, who quickly reunited it with its owner.

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Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui opened the diaper bag to find $5,000 inside. Click here to read more.

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Works by an obscure Armenian-American abstract impressionist discovered in a garage have been appraised at $30 million. Click here to read more.

Another engagement ring has been retrieved from the sewers of New York City. Click here to read more.

A piece of Pittsburgh art history, which had been lost for decades, has now been found. Click here to read more.

A teenager who discovered a purse with $10,000 in cash while walking home from school returned all the money to its rightful owner. Click here to read more.

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