SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The first blaze broke out before dawn in the 2200 block of Capitol Avenue.

A vacant home, under renovation, somehow went up in flames.

Even early this morning, residents were saying it may not have been an accident.

“My neighbor saw a guy put a ladder up here, go in and start a fire,” says resident Sue Motensen. “There were additionally reports of possibly somebody on scene at the fire and at this time we have our fire investigators determining the cause and origin.”

Daylight revealed significant damage to homes on either side, enough to force some people to find a new place to live, at least temporarily.

“I feel kind of bad for the people that live next door,” notes resident Ashwin Arab. “And the people in the blue house have to move out.”

Sue Mortensen lives in that blue house and took us inside to show us why she doesn’t expect to be staying here for the next six months.

It’s a historic home that was recently renovated after three years of work, but the morning blaze means more work again.

But she sympathizes with the plight of her neighbors.

“She’s a teacher.  She’s a renter. She can’t recover from this crap,” says Mortensen. “The guy next door.  His place, it’s like a smoke bomb.”

At about 8:30 a.m. Saturday, there was a report of another fire, right here at this location on I street.  And authorities tell us, both properties are owned by the same company.

The I Street home has minimal damage, an no one has been displaced.

Back on Capitol Ave, residents told us they feel a bit of comfort since it appears the fires may not be random.

“Living in midtown is never for the faint of heart,” says Rebekah Christensen. “You have to accept all that it brings. So, no does that frighten us, I mean, it doesn’t frighten me.”