SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Some employees who work on Sacramento’s R Street say they don’t feel safe because a man is terrorizing them. They say it’s happening repeatedly in broad daylight.

Caree Thavisack, the manager of Space 07 Salon, used her phone to record several videos of the man she says is harassing her female employees.

“He’s following and harassing, stalking in broad daylight, which makes it a little bit scarier,” Thavisack said.

She says the man recently followed an employee to her car and blocked the driver’s side door to prevent her from getting in. Many employees on the stretch of R Street have felt threatened and say the man is a regular on the block.

The Iron Horse Tavern handed out a letter urging employees and managers to call 9-1-1 right away if the man walks into their businesses.

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The letter reads, “All of our ladies are beyond scared at this point. He is terrorizing everyone on the block.”

The Iron Horse Tavern says the man was arrested for trespassing last year after he walked into the restaurant and stole cash tips from tables.

“We haven’t seen a surge of cops around here,” Thavisack said.

The Sacramento Police Department says that will change effective immediately.

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“We will be stepping up our presence there. We recently learned about this. So, we will be,” Sgt. Vance Chandler said.

While that happens, Space 07 Salon is giving its employees pepper spray.

“It shouldn’t get to the point of someone getting hurt in broad daylight for people to understand this is a problem,” Thavisack said.