By Adrienne Moore

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — According to a new state audit, $150,000 of taxpayer money was wasted by California workers’ bad behaviors.

There is a laundry list of “bad behaviors” in the 63-page report, including sleeping on the job. But the audit showed the biggest waste of taxpayer money came from managers and supervisors failing to accurately record their time off.

The latest report from the California auditor reveals government agencies wasted a lot of time and taxpayer money last year.

Over five months, more than 800 whistleblower complaints uncovered that 30 employees at eight departments misused work hours and deliberately neglected their duties, costing the state $150,000. Additionally, the report found 25 employees failed to charge time off when they were gone for entire days, and a campus police officer regularly laid down and even fell asleep on the job.

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The report also found three employees abused a thousand business hours by arriving late to work, taking long lunches, and leaving early, and several supervisors skipped out on their administrative responsibilities by ignoring timekeeping practices and other leadership duties.

The auditor recommends these agencies change policies for monitoring time and attendance, improve training, and possibly change employee contracts.

Adrienne Moore


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