Greg Liggins Reporting

STOCKTON (CBS13) —“I’m on my way to the top,” said the young rapper, Julius Bennett.

To the top is where Bennett plans to go with his rap career. The Stockton sensation goes by the M-C Moniker “Bud Bud Awesome,” and is about to drop his second downloadable album.

And at the tender age of thirteen, he could almost be considered a veteran.

“I started when I was 5. My dad was a rapper. He had a record deal,” said Bennett.

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Even though Bud Bud has performed on CBS13’s good day at age nine and also has lots of music videos under his belt, he realizes there’s a long road ahead that could be filled with potholes.

He hopes to different by being positive, rapping about tough subjects like depression and bullying.

“Because I know that other people are not rapping about that stuff and I want to be that one person this is, to stand out,” said Bennett.

He says he wants to inspire people to do good things, and he’s even writing his own material. But before he can flow, his pen needs to flow first, and he realizes writing rhymes isn’t always easy.

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“Sometimes it’s like a horrible brain cramp and I can’t think of anything like it’s writer’s block,” said Bennett.

His dad and inspiration is Dejon Bennett, a former rapper, who knows the challenges ahead and is trying to help his son navigate a business that’s had labels with names such as Ruthless Records.

“It’s being that I did this whole thing before, so I know how nasty the industry is. It’s crazy,” said Dejon Bennett, Julius’ father and manager.

Crazy or not, Bud Bud plans to rap his way to the top. Even though his dad didn’t make it, he thinks he can, because maybe, he’s got the right stuff.

“My dad says I’m better, and I believe him,” said Bennett.